“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” for Big Band – Score and Parts

Here is a fun arrangement of the classical Christmas song, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” Written for standard big band, this features a guitar and a sax solo. There are a few tricky meter changes, but the arrangement is not too difficult overall.   Instrumentation: 17-Piece Big Band — 5 Saxophones (2 Alto Saxes, 2 […]

“Center of Gravity” for Big Band – Score and Parts

“Center of Gravity” is an original composition of mine. I was inspired by my studies of airplanes and aviation, so I wrote a big band chart about it. It harmonically dense, very rhythmic, and pretty brisk. This is a challenging, but fun, chart.   Instrumentation: 17-Piece Big Band — 5 Saxophones (1 Soprano Sax, 1 […]

“Mint Julep” for Big Band – Score and Parts

Mint Julep is a classic swing tune, in the style of Thad Jones. I wrote it while I was participating in the 2015 Disneyland All-American College Band. The name comes from a drink served in the park at “Café Orleans” (a direct replica of Café du Monde). Thus, the piece should have a relaxed feel […]

“Daydreams” for Big Band – Score and Parts

Daydreams is a programmatic work—the piece should sound like a daydream. This is achieved through its melodies and textures. Each section represents a different thought, just as the mind wanders and drifts through one’s imagination. The various themes may seem incongruous at first, but they eventually converge, one being played on top of the other. […]

“Dark Matter” for Big Band – Score and Parts

Dark matter was first postulated to exist in the 1930s; however, this early evidence was not given much credence. It was not until the 1980s that dark matter began to make its foothold in the standard cosmological model. Astronomers have measured all of the observable mass and energy in the universe to an incredible degree […]