• Jazz

    Aaron was the first prize winner of the 2014 International Jacksonville Jazz Piano Competition from a pool of contestants around the world as far away as Russia and South Korea. Aaron is currently a jazz performance major at the University of North Florida under the teaching of Professor Lynne Arriale.

  • Classical

    Aaron began taking classical piano lessons at age five, studying under his loving grandmother. He immediately found that piano was his passion and decided to spend his life honing this craft. Now, Aaron is well-versed in the standard classical repertoire and performs with the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra.

  • Composing

    Aaron has experience composing and arranging in both the jazz and classical idioms. He has written for a variety of ensembles and loves working on creative projects that combine eclectic influences.

"[Aaron is] clearly a beautiful blend of a classical pianist's perfectionism and a jazz musician's innovation"

- Carrie Seidman, Herald-Tribune

"Aaron Lehrian is king of the keys at Jacksonville Jazz Piano Competition"

- Tom Szaroleta, The Florida Times-Union

"They were expected, they did not disappoint"

- Pascal Derathe (Review of Jazz Juvenocracy at Jazz a Vienne)

"As for pianist Aaron Lehrian, is there anything this kid can't play?"

- Carrie Seidman, Herald-Tribune