“A beautiful blend of a classical pianist’s perfectionism and a jazz musician’s innovation.”

Carrie Seidman, Herald-Tribune

“Worthy of Keith Jarrett.”



Aaron Lehrian, born in 1994 in Seminole, Florida, is a highly acclaimed jazz pianist renowned for his ability to blend eclectic elements into his music. His musical journey began at the tender age of five when he started taking piano lessons from his grandmother, sparking a lifelong passion for the instrument.

Aaron’s exceptional talent and dedication to his craft led him to win the prestigious Jacksonville Jazz Piano Competition in 2014, solidifying his place as a rising star in the jazz world. This recognition propelled his career forward and opened doors to numerous exciting opportunities.

Throughout his career, Aaron Lehrian has collaborated with esteemed orchestras including the Florida Orchestra, the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, and the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra, among others. Aaron has also shared the stage with renowned artists such as Randy Brecker, Christian McBride, Christian Sands, Ulysses Owens Jr., Wallace Roney, and Dick Oatts. These collaborations have not only enriched his musical experiences but have also allowed him to absorb diverse influences, further fueling his creative growth.

Aaron Lehrian’s musical contributions have garnered him a devoted following and critical acclaim. His soulful interpretations, technical brilliance, and ability to seamlessly integrate genres have captivated audiences worldwide. With each performance, he continues to push the boundaries of musical exploration, leaving an indelible mark on the jazz landscape.

Currently based in Savannah, Georgia, Aaron remains an influential force in the jazz community. As he continues to innovate and create groundbreaking music, his artistry serves as an inspiration for musicians and listeners alike. Whether collaborating with orchestras, performing with esteemed artists, or captivating audiences with his solo performances, Aaron Lehrian’s musical prowess and dedication to his craft continue to shine bright.



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